crazy farm life – lockdown 2 day 144

The ducks on our dam.

Again on the memories. This time its about how crazy life got on the farm… I do really miss it you know. I dream of my poodles all the time, I miss the smell of the Tasmanian countryside and the sound of our geese and ducks every morning, cuddling standard poodles… having a workshop to make things in.

I mentioned I bought a cabinet. I got it home yesterday and removed the glass on one side as the other was missing. I left the glass in front. I considered sanding it here, outside, but didn’t have the time so I moved it inside. Its light anyway, especially with less glass. Now I have a sore back.

Thats what months of not doing anything does to you.

I’m really getting frustrated on the whole no space to work thing. Every time I see a place which might suit its not for rent. No one has storage spaces here, and if they do they use them themselves. Garages are not common, and given most people don’t have space for sheds on their land and you need a permit to put up any kind of building on a property (the law limits the meterage of ‘building’ any land can have on it) when people do add on to their house its always living space, not workshop/spare space.

I really don’t know what to do. I’ve thought of a container on some land at the ‘family compound’… I’ve thought of asking to build a concrete slab and put up a pergola with a roof – but again… not allowed to put up more structures on the land I could do that on. Temporary things are allowed (with restrictions) like a container or a caravan, but not permanent structures… and a pergola is permanent. Sigh.

Realistically my options seem to be 1. rent a place and pay top $$ for it which I can’t afford. 2. find a place to rent to live in which has the potential space – very hard to find full year rentals here and its very expensive, plus i’m not sure I want to move. I like where I live. 3. find the money to build on our land – lots of money… or 4. give up.

Anyway… back to the memories of how chaotic life can be on a farm… click here to read the story.


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