stir crazy – lockdown 2 day 150

You’d never guess it, but that’s my dining table behind me. Buried under all that STUFF.

Dining table, kitchen table, work table, studio table, very rarely eating table.

Here is a close up of the latest dog sculpture in progress.

For some reason I’m finding it really hard to concentrate and really work on my dogs lately. I can psyche myself up to work on them but I can only do it for a short time before I run out of steam. No idea why.

Maybe its time to move onto something else? Take a break from sculpture?

I mean the mending got me into a sewing mood. Maybe its time to tackle some items of clothing that just aren’t ‘right’…?

I don’t know.

Anyway, I’m not the only one going stir crazy. The entire greek population is. They’re going out in huge numbers and crowding beach-side walkways and parks on every sunny day. They’re going to parties and gathering in enclosed places despite the country being in lockdown with full restrictions and curfew in force. Why?

Cause it feels like the government is mocking us.

They restrict movement from one council or municipality to another, put a 2klm distance from home restriction on walks, exercise and shopping, yet they allow tourists into the country with no restrictions.

I mean, how is that fair?

Greeks have been paying the price of COVID19 safety most of a full year. Businesses are suffering, people have lost jobs… yet despite daily COVID19 cases being in the 3000 range, we are opening for the tourist season officially on May 15. Right after greek Easter, which greeks will not be allowed to celebrate with the usual church services, the Easter Friday procession of Christ or the Saturday night celebration of the ascension of Christ.

Not even with family Easter Sunday lunch where the entire family/neighbourhood gets together for the traditional lamb on a spit.

Do you see the hypocrisy in all this?

No wonder people protest and break the rules. They’re sick of being treated like idiots.


2 thoughts on “stir crazy – lockdown 2 day 150

  1. I see our neighbors having parties, and I wonder if it’s going to be a Covid spreader party. Of course, we would have no way of knowing. I think what we have to do is follow the rules regardless of what others are doing in order to keep ourselves safe. I’ve had both Pfizer vaccines, yet I will still wear my mask, use hand sanitizer/wash my hands and keep the distance between myself and others. I’m over it, too, but I have to be in it for the long haul. I need to keep me safe, and Katie needs to keep herself safe. From what it looks like, Katie will need to go back to the classroom starting in August. How she’s going to keep herself and everyone else safe is beyond her. There are lab tables and equipment to clean in 10 minutes between classes. She doesn’t know what type of safety protocols are going to be in place, so she can only guess at this time. Soon will be tourist season here, too. We live near the ocean, and people have to go through our town to get there. The traffic ramps up, and the shops are more congested. I hope they’re respectful of how we are living and wear their masks. We were respectful when we went to Ohio to visit family; we can only hope for the same. Stay safe, Zefi. It’s all we can do.

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