Some painting – lockdown 2 day 160

So… I hear that everything (cafes and restaurants) are to open from May 3rd. But till then, not much joy for greeks wanting to visit families in their village or their island. From this coming Monday travelling from one municipality to another is forbidden.

Yep. That makes sense.

Apparently, tourists can arrive in Greece, state where they are going and are only allowed to visit that one place on their trip. Not going from one municipality to another. Yeah, sure, that’s gonna happen.


At least after Easter we can go out and have coffee at an outdoor cafe, or a drink and watch the sun set.

Whatever. I try to not listen to it all too much. I have enough on my own plate to worry about. I’m preparing to take Lainee to Syros for surgery and have my paperwork in order, hotel booked, will mask up and be as safe as I can.

Meanwhile here are two of the things I painted for my cousin Mina’s AirBnB unit. We chose a dark dark blue which wasn’t quite dark enough so I added black to make it look the way we pictured it. The room is still bare but its getting there.

She had a plate display rack made for the space over the kitchenette.

And had a built-in wardrobe put in and the mirror is already on the wall…

She’s updated the bathroom and bought new bedside tables. I’ll get photos once the place is finished. It will be really cute.

One of my commissions is artwork for the wall over the bed. Better get to it.


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