loukoumia – exploring syros 4

Syros is famous for a few things, least not of which is their loukoumia (turkish delight) and their nougat. So, with Zefi pushing me to actually do some touristy stuff, we visited a factory to see how they’re made.

A nice man showed us around and explained the steps…. first the mix is boiled in these vats for a certain amount of time (ok, so I wasn’t paying that much attention!.

They still have a row of the old ones there which they rarely use any more, but since I love old things…

Once the goo is ready they pour it into flat trays are lined with flour to stop it from sticking. When it cools down they cut it into four in preparation for chopping into individual pieces.

Once the pieces are cut, a lady tosses them in flour and puts them in boxes.

The nougat is a whole other section but I didn’t get more than this one photo of the boiling mix. They were’t concentrating on making nougat at the time so there weren’t any in production.

It was interesting and smelled pretty nice in there. They gave us a taste of the turkish delight (which I’m not all that fussed about) and nougat (which I adore) before we left. It was a nice visit.


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