lockdown free (for now)

This post is a day late, but its to be expected. Greek Easter is a huge thing, bigger than Christmas. It was a big day for me, my first swim for the year, a family get together, lots of food, a nap cause the weather continues to be unseasonally and oppressively hot, then we girls got together again with mom and an aunt to make more goodies. Paximadakia this time. Two different types. One was my aunt’s recipe, one my mom’s.

Who had time for blogging?

My aunt Dora making the dough.
My mom giving instructions.
Lainee, bored of proceedings, takes a nap.

But today we wake up to a country where you can sit at a cafe or restaurant again. Restrictions still in place, but the lockdown is over and tourism opens officially on the 15th of this month.

I remain skeptical about it all as new cases in Greece remain well over 1000 per day, but hey, who am I anyway? Just a cynical blogger, not a government official…


If you’re looking for me I’ll be somewhere along here.

I am so looking forward to having a coffee out with a friend or two over the next week. Its what I missed most – being able to have a coffee seated somewhere that isn’t my house or my car!


1 thought on “lockdown free (for now)

  1. Good luck with being able to have coffee with friends away from home! I suppose it’s a delicate balance between welcoming strangers and taking care of the Greeks when deciding to open up the country. Stay safe!

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