still in athens

Current layout.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel though.

Sort of.

At least I’m going home on Friday – even though I’ll have to come back again soon I’m sure. There’s so much to organise for the renovation in the house.

I’m so confused right now. I have meetings with tradespeople every day and I mix them up, who does what. I’m making notes, but sheesh. So much to do, so much to decide, so much to pull together.

The house basically needs all new electricals, new plumbing, connecting to natural gas which is now right outside the door, all new bathroom, all new kitchen, new floors, new windows, new front and back security doors, new wardrobes, painting throughout inside and out…

Tons to be done. Even if all I did was update the spaces as they are now…

That’s not counting if I want to make a couple of changes to the layout of the place to make it more current and more practical. You gotta remember this house was built in the late 50s when they made tiny rooms, as many as they could fit. That means unnecessary hallways, too many doorways and cramped spaces.

I figure this house will be renovated now and it shouldn’t need the layout changed ever again. So take the time, spend the extra bit of money on it now in order that its not just a great place for mom to live now, but also for me or my brother or a tenant in the future. To do that I need to consider a bigger brighter more inviting kitchen space, a bigger main bedroom and hopefully bathroom and an open plan look for the kitchen/living/dining.

That will mean removing a couple non-load bearing walls of course. But now is the time to do those things. Not spend money now to reno the place only to redo it in a few years.

Sure, you do need to update kitchens and bathrooms every so many years but if I get the main shape of the house right now, the changes in the future will be aesthetic only – new cabinets or benchtops for the kitchen, new accessories or tiles in the bathroom.


It depends on costs of course. It always comes down to costs.

Signing off with a load on my mind and shoulders.


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