white recycled rope basket

I don’t know why, but I love making baskets out of rope and other things I find on the beach or road. This one is made from a lot of white bits I found mostly on the road, plus some coloured bits from an unravelled rug I found that my aunt was throwing away.

When you have a brain like mine anything found is a treasure… its both a gift and a curse.

As with all my rope baskets, I collect rope pieces I find anywhere, bring them home and wash them (I bleached these bits since they were mostly white), dry them and then sort them as I sew them together. By hand of course.

This one is my favourite right now, but that changes with every basket I make. I enjoy making them and spend hours watching TV and putting them together. I have the callus on my thumb to prove it

I’m still working on the FB shop page to sell things, still looking for the right gallery to show in and still have no idea what I’m doing.

Eh. Normal for me.


2 thoughts on “white recycled rope basket

  1. Katie makes her rope out of left-over fabric. She twists it tightly. After she has a big ball of that, she sews the baskets by machine. They are for the cats. The cats know, or should know, that is where they are allowed to sit. They are very colorful. I love yours, too…so pale.

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    • I just tossed out a top I don’t wear and was ripped and regretted it. I liked the colour for a basket and am kicking myself. In the past I’d made coasters from old fabric by twisting and sewing together (by hand again) and was thinking I will try it for baskets as well. For when I dont have enough sea rope. 🙂

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