choco portraits

I got a commission to do two portraits of a gorgeous little cocker spaniel called Choco. I did the first one over a month ago but stalled on the second one. Not to worry, they are delivered now so I can share them.

Both were done on 2 of my last 3 sheets of Art Spectrum pastel paper – a lightly sanded paper which I have come to adore. Pity I can’t get it here… well, not that I’ve ever seen anywhere online.

The second one I started weeks ago but stopped working on it for ages. I do that. I begin something, hate it and stop, let is percolate for days or weeks while I look at it in disgust till one day I have inspiration (or nerve) to tackle it again, having worked out what was wrong.

In the end I love it better than the first. Its a much looser, more expressive work than the first. Though both make you wanna kiss the cute puppy with the huge soulful eyes.


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