i was an artist from way back – the early years

While sorting the chests and boxes upstairs in the laundry I discovered a stack of old sketchbooks and drawings from my childhood and teens.

Some of the stuff is very childish obviously, but what amazes me, looking at them now, is how I had such a great sense of proportion even as a 10-11 year old.

Here are some of the drawings from the age of 10 to about 13. I had a thing for fashion (thank you Betty and Veronica), horses and dogs (surprise surprise!)

Then there were the Holly Hobby years, when I sketched little girls everywhere and made hand painted cards for Christmas…. (I was also very much into letter writing back then.)

Here are some later drawings. Some were obviously home projects, others ‘en plein air’ and still others copying from magazines or whatever else took my fancy.

This post is already very image heavy it will take forever to load and I apologise. I’ll share my life drawings in a separate post.


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