still no power, but who’s counting?

I’ve done very little over the last few days. I’ve collected, stacked and given away a pile of stuff and have another waiting to go. I took a few loads of stuff to the rubbish and to recycling. I took the big rug downstairs and put it in the living room to see how it fit and to help me decide what colour to paint the sideboard I plan to update. Good thing I did too as it was how I saved my knees while putting together the Ikea shoe storage unit and the underbed drawers. I bagged up and threw out some of the ivy I’d cut down and groomed Lainee for Christmas.

It might sound like a lot, but trust me, its not by my standards. Then again I do treat my body with the same disrespect as a 20yr old, refusing to accept the fact that I’m getting old…

Still, the list of things I haven’t got around to is way longer than the items crossed off the list. Since realising my body will no longer put up with my brain’s expectations, I’ve worked in small increments, not big chunks of time as before. Partly cause I got sore and tired and partly cause it was Christmas and after visiting friends, walking dogs and being sociable, I just got lazy.

So, needing to do something today, without overdoing it and killing myself in the process, I took down the huge extension cord I found, plugged it in upstairs, then unravelled it all the way down to the apartment so I could use my drill.

I attached the Ikea shoe storage unit to the wall behind the front door and put in the drawers so thats finished. I hung my grandmother’s old coat rack on the wall above, and the small key rack I made in the corner.

I had a small Ikea coat rack I’d bought off FB a while ago so I put that on the small wall between the living room and kitchen for extra place to hang things. Longer things since this has nothing underneath. There’s never too much space to hang things in my opinion.

Other than that its been quiet as it usually is between Christmas and New Year. Nothing from the electric company, not that I was expecting to hear from them yet. They didn’t act in all the months since August, why would they suddenly bust a gut to fix our problem now? I’m not kidding myself. If we get power by the end of January I’ll celebrate. Maybe my next call should be to a TV ‘expose all’ program…


2 thoughts on “still no power, but who’s counting?

  1. My brother is here to start the remodeling. We took 3 loads to the storage unit, and there’s one more to go, I think. Maybe another partial. Not much to do with all of my paper crafting supplies in storage! So, here I sit at the computer whiling my day away. Dinner is soon, then I don’t know what else.
    Still no electric?!! Geez! What about gas? At least you are furthering the move along by doing what’s on your list!
    Best wishes in the new year, if I don’t hear from you before!

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