we have light!!!

And it only took five months, 6 days and 10 minutes!

Seriously. After months of calls and complaints a guy actually arrived on Sunday and took 10 minutes to re-connect our power!

Ten minutes work. That’s what I’ve been fighting for for five months…

So, here we are now:


Life has been going on. I hit a low spot a couple of days ago – missing my workshop, the farm in Tassie, my dogs, the life I had there. But its no use walllowing. I have stuff that needs doing here and now, so I plod on. Making small forward steps every day and never seeming to get to the end of it.

Today I tackled the loft above the hallway and thankfully found it was mostly empty but for a few things. Like my knee pads and bike helmet – from my roller blading days.

I rehomed my roller blades a long time ago and I still miss them. I still roller blade in my dreams.

And the first stuffed toys I ever had.

This is my first teddy bear, Charalambis, and my first doggie (I think his name was Bobby) – the sort you put your PJs in and sit on top of your bed. Both need a good wash. I’m thinking I’ll put them both in the washing machine tomorrow. They may not survive it unscathed, but they really need it if I’m to keep the little guys. They’re almost as old as I am! In fact, I think Charalambis IS my age. I had him as a baby.

There were some other things too, but most of those are going to the bin or to be donated. I think I’ll hold onto the knee pads for kneeling work and the bike helmet might go to a friend. I doubt I’ll be getting a bike again – not on Paros where the roads are bad and the drivers worse.

Hopefully I’ll have more exciting stuff to share again soon. 🙂


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