nostalgia – 1995

I was going through a ton of photos that belonged to mom, my aunt, my brother and me – trying to sort them out and put them in some sort of order. I think I mentioned mom has so many photos in frames of all sizes, on walls and on every surface in the house. I needed to contain them somehow, keep her memories while limiting the need for wall space.

I spent two days on that project alone, finishing it this afternoon. Its not really finished either. There are still too many framed photos to decide what to do with. And I’m sure I’ll come across more in my sorting and packing.

I have 4 albums I’ve been putting photos in, divided more or less: one with very old photos of mom and dad’s family, their wedding, our early life in Australia. Another with my brother and his first family, Another with my brother’s yougest son, another for me and other random pics. They’re not in perfect date order either as that’s a nightmare in itself, but at least mom can now pic and album knowing what she’ll find in it.

I bought 2 pretty frames that hold 8 photos each, one has a small corkboard on the side so mom can pin up new photos when she gets them. I plan to buy a piece of cork to put in another frame to do the same, perhaps even adapt the Christmas frame with wire and pegs so mom has plenty of places to show new photos.

Anyway, while doing this I found a couple of small albums of my own. Most of my photos are in storage already, but I found these in the attic above the hallway. They’re from 1995 when I was leaving Australia the first time to be with my father who was sick. At the time it was like now: I came for dad and had no idea when, or if, I would return to Australia.

Looking back brings so many great memories, and I look at my younger, gorgeous self and wonder how I could ever have thought I was fat! I was perfect.

Before I left I had a couple of goodbye nights out – one with one of my favourite Melbourne country bands, Rough Cut and my cowboy hat wearing, two steppin’ friends:

With the singer of the band, always a groupie.
With my rocker, non-cowboy hat wearing boyfriend.

The other night was with my most favourite Melbourne rockabilly band The Straight 8s.

With the boys in the band.
Me and my best friend Jamie.
My boyfriend in his element. Too cool to dance though…
Rock’n’Roll with Jamie.
Who said you can’t twostep to a rockabilly band?

A few pics from a holiday in Queensland, where I met up with some line dancing friends.

Loved them boots!
Love affair with Syvester at Movie World on the Gold Coast.
Trm and roller blading fit!

Some random rockabilly event pics…

With his pride and joy, a ’52 Chevy.
Where else would we be? At a car show. Wearing my two tone dancing shoes. I still have the pencil skirt I made – its impossibly tiny.

Oh boy. Its bittersweet. I miss that girl. I realise I’ll never be her again, but I miss the slimness, the fitness, the lifestyle: the dancing mostly. I guess I could have that in Athens, more or less, as there’s a swing/jive thing happening here, but without a dance partner and with COVID… eh.

At least I have these wonderful memories.


5 thoughts on “nostalgia – 1995

    • Well I’m in Europe, which is wonderful – providing I can spare the money to travel (and hoping COVID goes away), but yes, its much more interesting living here. It was more comfortable living there. I had everything I wanted and I knew how thing worked. Here its a challenge!


  1. Nice memories! Thanks for sharing them. This is yet another side of Zefi! Maybe when Covid goes away, you can find a place to dance again. Let’s hope that happens soon.

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    • Yes, I found a couple of clubs where people dance (mostly groups from classes) but was reluctant to go alone and then COVID happened. But eventually I will find a place to go dancing again for sure. its the best, most fun way to exercise and I feel so alive when I dance.

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