old fashioned candy store and a tiny museum

Who can resist an old style candy store? Not me, thats for sure. I always love visiting them and buying a small bag of something each time wherever I am.

This visit to the candy shop in Zutphen was no different. The old man that ran the shop gave us a taste of polka brokken, a brittle candy with a buttery taste and we had to take some home with us. In the traditional cone shaped paper of course.

Its not just the candy I love though. Its the smell, the colours and packages and jars in these old shops.

The many many types of ‘drop’.
The paper cones hanging from above, ready to be filled with candy.
Making use of old tins.

Next door to the candy store is the smallest museum – this is the first office of the now huge dutch insurance company Nationale-Nederlanden.

A video plays with the history of NN.

Its a single tiny room with enough space for one bookcase, a desk, a chest for keeping files, a coat stand and little else… so different to the company my friend’s daughter works for now.

A little history, a little candy… what more can a girl ask for?


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