NOT abducted by aliens

Thought it was time to show some signs of life. Albeit weak and tiny ones.

I’m alive.

I’m still a resident of this planet.

I’ve just been tired; fatigued; overworked; fagged; flagging; overtaxed; spent; worn out; all in; burned out; dead on my feet lazy; stuffed; dog-tired; done for; droopy; drowsy; played out; done in; haggard; narcoleptic; petered out; pooped; run down; tuckered out; buggered; worn out; prostrated; sleepy; knackered; bushed; beat; shagged; shattered; zonked; exhausted; fried; cream crackered; rooted; groggy; bust; jiggered; weary; apathetic; stick a fork in me – I’m done; bog-eyed; wall-falling; and many many more words to the same effect.

Not to mention lazy.


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