We have ducklings! On Saturday morning Wayne went onto the front porch to drink his coffee (he loves sitting there looking over the dam and the view) and he rushed back inside to get me. There was a flotilla of ducklings on the dam! They’re tiny cute little fluffballs. A few dark ones and a few light ones.

We were thinking they were all part of one batch given that we knew one duck was sitting on eggs near the dam. However yesterday I went out to have another look and there were 8 ducklings in the dam with one duck and another 6 on the embankment with another duck!

There are currently12 new additions to the dam population.

I know you cant really see them in the photo, without a good zoom its hard to get up close enough to them to get decent photos. They are the specks in the water.

Things have been quiet at WindDancer Farm.

The boys are doing well. Wally is now officially fat. Wayne’s at a loss. He’s had horses all his life, but being in South Australia, he’s never had the problem of TOO MUCH grass. He’s always had to worry about hard feeding horses cause there was no grass.

Ben has gained weight too, losing the ribby look he had when we got him. He’s also rounding off a bit around his butt which was all angles. When you look at Wally and Ben in the paddock, trotting side by side, its incredible how different they look. They’re put together entirely differently. Wally is a quarter horse x thoroughbred and is pretty well rounded at the rear. Ben has the square butt of a standardbred and a shorter back.

Here we have grass up to our eyeballs. We’re more concerned about the horses getting too much green and foundering. A totally new concept for a South Australian.

I’ve been working with Ben almost every day. Mostly its a mix of things like round yard work, lifting his legs (for my benefit, not his), messing around with his nose which he doesn’t like much, grooming him and teaching him small things like ‘stand’ and ‘come up’ and stuff like that.

The saddle’s been in to be fixed. When Wayne took it off a couple of weeks ago he didn’t have to undo the girth. The points had snapped on one side. It now has all new points, stock double points. (Thats the straps which are on the saddle to which you buckle the girth – thats the strap that goes around the horse’s stomach. I can see Diane going cross-eyed at this point).

Anyway, we got the saddle back, bought a 30in girth and got home all excited… And the girth was too small! Since the guy we got the girth from (a saddler) didn’t have any bigger girths he’s making us one. Thats put a stop to working on backing Ben. (putting weight on his back for you non-horse people).

All I can say is I’m glad I wasn’t on Ben’s back when the point snapped!

I’ve been getting Ben used to walking up to and standing next to a big box in the paddock. Its there for 2 reasons: to allow us to stand up alongside Ben and lean over him, to allow us to get onto him first time without bouncing around on the stirrups, and to allow me to get onto a horse I have to look up to.

He sure feels bigger now, the closer I get to getting onto his back!

I always wanted a big horse, didn’t I? Don’t they say be careful what you wish for or you might get it?

Dancer is going well. She came up to me the other day and nuzzled me and let me touch her for quite a while. She’s so pretty, very elegant on the move.

Isn’t it funny… I realised the other day that my posts are now more about horses than about poodles! The poodles are still a HUGE part of my life. I clipped Montana and Romeo this weekend and gave them a wash and I love them clean and bright white. I love the look of two white standard poodles together. They are such beautiful dogs. I can’t get enough of watching them, looking at them and touching them. When I sit down I feel like my hands seek them out, its like a security blanket or a sensory addiction.

So, though I may write about chickens, horses, ducks and pumps, trust me. The poodles are the centre of my universe.


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