Snot rags

What is it with country blokes and their hankies?*
(Translation for you non-aussies out there: What is it with country men and their handkerchiefs?)
I mean really… What is it about a bloke that makes him want to keep his snot, carrying it in his pocket with him everywhere?
Do they have a good blow, look at it and think “Ooh, thats a goodie. Think I’ll hold on to that one”?
Ok… I do understand that a guy working out in the fields can’t carry a whole box of tissues with him and that livestock might laugh at him if he carried a man-bag. But how about stuffing all available pockets with handfuls of tissues and keeping a box (or five) in the ute (truck) for extra snot requirements?
Some people say its like cloth nappies (diapers)… its good for the environment to recycle stuff. I say bollocks (bullsh#t).Tissues are, from what I know, veritably biodegradable, so littering the countryside with them won’t really harm the environment in a lasting way the way beer cans and cigarette butts do… and quite a few blokes have no trouble tossing them out. So why notuse tissues?
I’ve heard the arguement (won’t say where, but the name begins with ‘W’ and ends with ‘ayne’) that tissues fall apart and you end up sticking your fingers into the mess. 
Well, they make tougher ‘man sized’ tissues these days. Tough enough to handle a manly amount of snot.
I think the whole idea of the hankie is disgusting. I go to do a wash and find bunched up, crunchy snot rags in pockets. I pull them out by the teeniest corner, careful not to touch the things any more than I need to, then toss them in the wash.
Then I think “Ewww. I dont want to wash my clothes with snot” so I divide the washing into delicates, whites, coloureds and filthies. You can guess where the hankies go!

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