Sniff butt

Dancer, in the front yard.

Check that out Ben! Its a girl!


She sure is pretty Wally. She smells nice…


You boys can sniff my butt!

EWWWW. Girl butt!

Dancer is coming along nicely. She’s learning to trust us, particularly Wayne cause he works with her the most. He’s been working on her giving her feet so that we can trim her hooves, she’s coming to us when we arrive home from work and seems to enjoy our company, pats and carrots.

She’s filling out too. Her butt has a nice roundness to it that it lacked before. She’s still skittish about some things, but she is coming along. For instance, when we got her you could never be sure if she was going to kick, but now she’ll come up and back up to you to have her butt scratched. And she was really reluctant to let anyone touch her head. We’ve been working on that and most of the time now she’ll let you touch her head and run your fingers through her forelock even though she still doesn’t like it much.

With Christmas coming up and all the stuff that seem to happen around this time of year, its been hard to find the time to work with the horses. All last week we had meetings, training and dinners after work, so every night was a late one. Hopefully next week will be a bit easier as we only have one meeting and then we have a 3 week break for summer holidays.

I am so looking forward to my holiday! Not that I see myself really relaxing… I have a To Do list a mile long! Things I’d like to get done while i have a few days at home.

Like finish the brushcutting I started last weekend. About 4 hours of it. I tackled the deep grass and weeds growing around the dam and the pussy willow stems I stuck in the ground around there. I put in about 9 pussy willow stems. I think 6 have made it. There may be more… I have to finish the job and find them in the weeds.

Once that’s done I have to tackle the other side of the fence, around the water tanks. Another 4-5 hours… 

Then, about 3 weeks later, repeat above steps.

I also have plants to put in the ground (over 20) and seedlings to separate and pot up…
Those are just the outside jobs! It never ends. I wonder what on earth possessed us to buy a farm? One and a quarter acres was more than enough outside work for me… Don’t they say be careful what you wish for, you might get it? I always wished to live on a farm and Ta Da! Here I am!

I do love it, though, so I can’t complain. I just wish that I had more time to enjoy it. More time to spend doing things at home, on the farm. More money to do them with. Less need to work.

A lotto win would come in handy right now! Failing that, selling my house in Fentonbury would help a hell of a lot. 

So people out there looking for a beautiful, comfy house, in a gorgeous landscape, for a country life, look no further. I have the house for you!

Till then, I work at work, I work at home, I work in the garden, I groom dogs, I paint. The time I have left over I play with poodles and horses and enjoy the view.


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