Did you hear about Fred?

Hey! Did you hear about Fred?

Shh! Here he comes!

Hey Fred!

Hey guys…

So, what did happen to Fred? Fred is a pipe cleaner and pom pom poodle I made last week as a prototype/experiment for Christmas ornaments. I made Fred late one night while watching TV and when he was done I left him on the coffee table to dry and went to bed. 

In the morning I went to show Fred to Wayne and he was nowhere to be found.

OH NO! Romeo got him! I knew it.

And sure enough, I looked outside and there was Fred, lying in the middle of the footpath. 

I was able to resuscitate him, but he’ll never be the same. The hair on his tail will probably grow back, but he’d lost an eye, had a broken hip and will never be able to walk without a limp again.

The above photo does no justice to the flatness of Fred.

Note: One PC&PP poodle was harmed in the making of this blog entry.

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