The best laid plans

I had big plans for this weekend… I thought I’d rearrange the office, do some filing, some gardening, mow the lawn, groom some dogs (I had appointments set up for Saturday and Sunday) and then I’d take Monday off (neither Wayne nor I work Mondays) and finish a load of stuff I have to do in the office.
Well, I got some of it done. I mowed the lawn. The only other gardening I did was pick one ripe tomato and re-pot two plants (see pic) and put them on the electrical meter box on the porch.
Oh, I did buy a large glazed planter pot at Mitre 10 where they were on sale for $19.95. How can a girl resist a bargain? I’m going to put my young jasmine in there and train it up the post on the porch. Of course I have to paint the deck first…
I also re-arranged the office. That task took almost all of Saturday. See, when we first moved here we (read I) decided that the back room of the house would make a good office for us to share. I put a long desk under the window for Wayne and put my 2 part desk (meant to be a corner desk) along one wall minus its corner, making into a long desk. I put those wall mounted shelf thingies on the far wall and put up shelves to hold books, binders etc.
That worked great for about 5 minutes. Wayne didn’t like the office much. He set himself up in the kitchen. He put his laptop, boxes of pens, his drawing paper, rulers etc, and he’d work there, doing research and creating his weekly cartoon strip.
When it was time to have a meal we had to shove over all the accumulated detritus of his work just to make enough space for our plates. 
It got old quickly.
So I set up a desk in the living room for him. A small desk with a small table on the side to provide a bigger work surface. That was fine till I appropriated the small table for the sewing machine. For the last 3 weeks (ok, I haven’t finished sewing yet!) Wayne’s been taking over the kitchen table again. It was time to take matters into my own hands.
I decided to make the office more Zefi-friendly.
First I had to move all the crap craft stuff I had in there in boxes. It really was hard to move in the office which may be one reason Wayne avoided it… I piled all that into the living room, the bathroom and onto the porch to go to the casita where I plan to keep the craft stuff I dont need on hand. Then I pushed desks and shoved filing cabinets from one side of the room to the other. And vacuumed where they’d sat for a year.
What I ended up with is this:
My computer on the right, sewing machine on the left, books and other officey stuff on the shelves above. I put the smallest desk, a drawer unit and Wayne’s filing cabinet along the wall opposite (behind me when I sit there) so he’d have somewhere to pile up paperwork. I added a more or less comfy chair along the left hand side of the room where the window is. Now I can access the window and open it without busting my guts having to lean over the desk to do it. I have kept the small TV with the dvd player on the right hand side on its small table. The theory is that Wayne will sometimes be allowed to watch TV now as I can work in here and watch dvds as I do. 
At least thats the theory.
Other than that, I haven’t done much at all. My day of relaxing and working on the computer (mutually exclusive, I know) seems to have disappeared. We spent most of the morning driving into Hobart to pick up some new hens. We’ve added 6 young isa browns to Dennis’ harem. Dennis being our black rooster.
Wayne has finished stalag 13 and the 4 roosters (aka Boris) have been relocated. Hopefully they’ll be relocating further away soon. The chook man we got the new girls from said he IS interested in roosters (now, why didn’t Wayne ask him before we went down there??). I sure hope he comes and gets them soon. Two of them are looking decidedly scraggly as they’re starting to pick on eachother. I feel so sorry for them, but we can’t let them free range any more. Fingers crossed the chook man does come get them.
And tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I thought I’d share this gorgeous heart Wayne made me last year. 
And while I’m at it, I’ll share some more photos of stuff I’ve made or done as promised. Below is a great idea for a bedhead if you’re into rustic stuff like we are. I found this old ladder at a tip shop a year or so ago. I’ve mounted it to the wall and decorated it with all kinds of old horsey things which mostly belong to Wayne. I made the stars for Christmas using sticks and silver wire. The heart and a couple of other items are tied on with raffia. I love raffia!
Below is an old window made into a mirror. I brought this from my house in Fentonbury where it was the bathroom mirror. It now sits on top of my dresser so I can check myself out when I get dressed in the morning. (That’s why its up high, I can’t see if my bum looks big in it!)

And lastly, I made these little boxes a few years ago using tasmanian oak from old skirting boards from a demolished house. I sanded them back enough to expose the timber, leaving the layers of paint in places. I hinged the lids at the back and now I use them to store jewelry and hair accessories. They add a pretty touch to the bedroom in front of a very old wedding photo of Wayne’s uncle.

So there you go. I better get going. I promised I’d make ravioli for dinner tonight so I need to get started.


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