e.t. phone home

Today, finally, was a productive day. We’ve been so busy lately with work and visitors that it seems my life has become anything but productive.

After a run to the hardware store for some plywood for the mudroom floor and a good start to 5 loads of washing (where on earth do that many clothes come from?) I got to do some real work!

As opposed to work for someone else, or computer work.

Firstly we got to do some work with Dancer. She’s been very wary of lifting her back feet – she leans onto Wayne and snatches them away in fear of losing her balance. Today we tied her up and, using a rope and some cuffs (technical horse training gear), worked on lifting her legs – Wayne in the danger zone and me on the other side of a post hanging onto the rope.

We were both thrilled with how she went. After a few minutes of panic at being cornered and having rope around her legs she started giving her legs and letting Wayne lift them forward and back. Excellent work! Not a single kick. When we first got her she’d let fly every spook she got. Tomorrow we hope the farrier is able to trim her back feet for the first time.

After giving her an apple and lots of pats, I got to work sanding an old feed box Wayne had which we’ve decided to use as our firewood box. Its going to live on the front porch which is exposed to the weather (no roof on that part yet!) so the box needed a new coat of paint to protect it from the elements. I gave it a quick sand and put on the first of 2 coats of paint. What colour you ask? Antique White USA of course. Mainly cause I have tons of the stuff in exterior (and interior) paint. I’ll finish that off tomorrow and I’ll get my trusty man to fill it with firewood. 

I got the new/old front door out onto the little porch of the casita and sanded the inner side. I’d already removed the hardware so I was able to sand it pretty well and remove all the old flaking white paint. I then chipped away at all the glue and broken glass on the panel bits so we can put in new glass.

Once I decide on a lockset and handle for the door I can bog up the unwanted holes and paint it! Oh… and then get the glazier to put in new glass of course.

Still, I was very excited by my work.

While I was out there sanding for what seemed like hours, using my left hand as the main sander hand to spare my right (which is a problem hand with its constant aches and pains) I wondered where Wayne had got to. I knew he was around somewhere but I couldn’t see him and I couldnt hear him. When he’s working in the shed I can usually hear him hammering away and swearing. Today there was a strange silence.

Ok. I’ll go with the flow. I did my work on the door, brought in the washing, got onto the computer to check mail. And then I heard Wayne calling me.

You know how you can always tell by the sound of a dog’s bark what they’re barking at? For instance, you can always tell if its a stranger at the gate, someone on the road, the horses at the fence, or a chicken in the yard – and you respond accordingly.

This afternoon when I heard Wayne calling for me I knew he had something to show me.

When I went outside this is what I saw:

Wayne’s obviously been playing with his welder. Isn’t it gorgeous? So cute in its aggressive little way.

I love it when Wayne gets to be creative.

I better go have a shower and rest up my arm. Tomorrow is another big day. Hopefully I can move my other projects along a bit further, or, dare I even dream it… finish one of them!


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