I’m on fire!

Yep! I’m SuperWoman! This weekend I managed to get to a ton of my current projects. And it feels good!

Since I plan to blog about each project in more detail when they’re finished, I thought I’d share a sneak peak just cause I’m so pleased with myself.

Above is our new/old front door. This is stage 3 of the door. Its now had the hardware removed and have been sanded on both sides (the other side being mostly orange).

I also got started on the three dining chairs I got for $5 each. Above is one of them, with a 50s vinyl seat and a missing back slat. One other has the same seat and all its slats. And the third had a fabric badly replaced seat which I have removed and have started the process of restoring.

I also started on another chair. This one cost me $1 from the tip shop. I know! I couldn’t believe it! You never see these old chairs (in sitting safe order!) for that much. I had to grab it. I had some trouble getting the 104 layers of paint off it, but I managed and now its ready for a fine sand and paint.

Then there’s the new/old kitchen table. The one where I replaced the stuffed up top with an old shed door. That needs more work but the basics are done. I’m so excited.

But don’t think I was slack and stopped there! I worked on a birdhouse, a vase, our firewood box, made muffins, entertained, worked on horses, did the requisite multiple loads of washing and groomed a dog. (Not my own fuzzy faced beasts unfortunately. I had to draw the line somewhere!).

So, I feel good as I go into another week of work.


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