if there’s no rest for the wicked, what does that make me?

Even when I’m supposed to be taking it easy, I’m doing something. I just can’t stop. I’ll stop for a cup of coffee but I’ll read a book or check mail while I do it. I watch TV but half the time I also work on a craft project, brush or caress a poodle. Before I got a PVR I used to read a book during the ads.

Point in case, the vase above. This used to be an empty coffee can. I collected some old gum tree bark and used the hot glue gun (I love my hot glue gun) to glue the curls of bark to the tin. They look amazing…. just like cinnamon sticks. This is only a preview. I have plans for this vase… stay tuned.

Another thing I worked on while watching TV over the last week was a birdhouse. We now have two birdhouses hanging off the trellis in the yard. I promise I’ll take better photos one of these days but I was so eager to hang it up and see what it looked like in its ‘natural environment’.

This too was made from an old coffee can. Wayne helped by cutting out the door for me and making a roof out of some old rusty tin. Great isn’t it? I love the little twisted wire ‘hooks’ he made to hold the roof on.

All I did to improve this birdhouse was to glue sticks to it to cover the tin. I’ve temporarily hung it off an old horse bit we have on the trellis. Kinda cool.

So, besides all that, now that the kitchen table is done, what have I been doing? Well. On Monday I found out that the tenants had vacated my house in Fentonbury. I had given them notice as I discovered that its very stressful and not at all easy to sell a house while its rented out. The only thing to do was to take the house back and move myself back in so I can have the house looking the way I like to have it: neat, tidy, clean, maintained… and gorgeous.

Not that the tenants were bad… they were fine to start with and to be honest I never had an problems with them till I decided to sell the house. From the minute I notified them of my intent to sell they became the tentants from hell. I wont go into details, all I can say is that it could have been way worse. I’ve seen the horror stories. We lost a sale because of them, but the house is ok… Nothing some cleaning and TLC can’t fix.

I’m so glad to have my house back. Its been a really hard thing for me to let go of this house. I think its because I didn’t sell it but decided to rent it. I confess I’m a control freak… I like things done my way. And seeing my house not being maintained the way I would myself… well… it was hard to deal with. If I’d sold it it would have been someone else’s house, no longer mine to worry about.

When I sold my house in Melbourne I moved away so I didn’t see what the new owners did or didn’t do. When I did visit Melbourne and drove by one day a couple of years later I was disappointed that the new owners didn’t seem as house proud as I was… but it was no longer my house, so it wasn’t my problem.

My advice is this (and I really wish I’d given myself this advice a year ago): don’t rent your house. Not if you’re attached to it… if you want to move on, sell it. Being a landlord sucks.

But enough of that. I had been talking about my week. It started with learning the house was vacant on Monday, then having to take a day off on Tuesday to go and inspect it with the agent to be sure all was ok. From there things just got busier and busier. Tomorrow is Good Friday, so with having Monday and Tuesday off its been a short week for me… short but not quiet! My week included finding the vinyl I want in the mud room, taking chainsaws in for a service, grooming 2 new dogs, working, picking Merrill up from the airport, visiting the tax man, shopping and taking Montana to the vet to be spayed.

Yes… My baby girlie is in the living room right now, sore and miserable. She won’t eat even though I chopped up some leftover sausages and a chicken schnitzel and tried hand feeding her. That’s ok. She’ll eat it in the morning I’m sure.

Thing is… I knew I didn’t want to breed Montana again. She only had the one litter but she had bad diarhea for weeks afterwards so I didn’t want to risk her health by having another litter. Plus, if I did  have another litter I’d have to keep a puppy and then I’d have to show it… and who has the time? and who has the money? Breeding Montana would mean airfares to the mainland for both of us, stud fees, and the cost of raising a litter. I sure don’t have money to spare right now.

So, even though I knew I wasn’t going to breed her again, I couldn’t bring myself to put a full stop on that part of my life. You know… just knowing that I could breed another litter if I wanted to, that my own line didn’t end there, well… it was reassuring.

But I finally decided it was time. Montana is 7.5 yrs old. I wouldn’t breed her again even if I wanted to at this age. So this morning I dropped her off and asked that the vet who spayed her also look at a small hard lump on her tummy near her last teats.

$565 later (yeah, you heard me!) Montana is spayed, all went well and the lump was removed and is being sent to be biopsied.

I was fully expecting the vet to tell me it was nothing. But here I am now… not even wanting to think anything other than positive stuff.

He said its a mammary tumour – of those 50% are benign and 50% not. Of the not, 50% are the type that spread, 50% aren’t. So, there’s a 75% chance this is nothing at all to worry about.

Fingers crossed. I try not to think that Pagan (her mother) died at age 9 of cancer. She was fine till one day she had diarhea and didn’t eat, the second day when things didn’t pick up they took her to the vet and the ultrasound showed she was full of growths in her abdomen. There’d been no indication.

Hopefully this is nothing at all. I couldn’t bare her being sick. I adore my baby girl. She is the most beautiful dog in the world.

Ok. Enough of that. It will all be fine. I’m going to go cuddle her for a while.

So, tomorrow I had planned to go up to Fentonbury to start the clean up of my house and yard. But I wont be… Wayne suggested that a day off wouldn’t kill me. Little does he know huh? I’ll stay here and look after my girlie, clean my car, do some work on my dining chairs, sort out stuff to take to Fentonbury, catch up on emails and computer work… that’s taking it easy!

I’ll leave you with some tip shop bottles I gave a ‘sea glass’ effect to using PVA glue and food colour (yep, you go it! another Pinterest idea). These will be going to the bathroom in Fentonbury as decor.


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