i need a holiday

Just a quick post to let you know I’m still alive… but barely kicking. I’m exhausted and my arm has been sore since I woke up this morning. Usually it has the good grace not to hurt till I’ve been working for half the day. I’m not impressed.
I know I’m always saying I’m tired cause I’m doing too much, but I’m really working my butt off. Pity its still as big as ever… its just not fair.
So, photos of projects will be coming soon, as each is finished, but I’m still working on the kitchen chairs, a coffee table, a coat rack and some smaller projects. 
Meanwhile, the sign outside the door has changed – this one inspired by a sign on Pinterest. Love it.
Montana is fine, but still not her usual self. She’s sooky and isn’t eating much at all. Yesterday when I started packing the car with stuff to take to Fentonbury she got in and stayed there all day. That’s not unusual, she loves the car. Sweet girlie. I hope the results are all good.
Meanwhile, Chris has been here since Friday and the guys have been working on stuff. In 3 days they lined 2 walls in the mudroom (they do look great) hung our new/old front door, bought and installed a deadlock on it, and I think they connected a downpipe to our new guttering – a good thing too cause its been pouring.
In the same 3 days I made a chalkboard and painted an old frame for it, sanded and undercoated and did 2 topcoats on a coffee table, 2 chairs, a louvre door and a coat rack. Groomed 3 dogs, 2 of which were standard poodles, did the washing and folding of  laundry, loaded the car with things to take to Fentonbury, entertained visitors, went to Fentonbury and cleaned the house and started getting it together, washed dishes countless times and avoided cooking.

Why is it that when men work they take so many breaks? Maybe if I adopted their more relaxed attitude to working I wouldn’t be wearing my wrist brace during the day and moaning about the pain…


1 thought on “i need a holiday

  1. Hi 🙂
    I stumbled across your blog through a search for DIY Country Kitchen. I live in North Carolina…a hop and a skip across the pond from you. Anyway he got a job in a small town and we are leaving our 2400 sq ft home for one half the size. It's a square box without much character but I have plenty of things and I aim to make it cute. I have a rickety butcher block style table but it's just boring pine and since we are broke I thought I'd save my dear from shelling out money and just tighten her up and give her a make-over, along with some mismatched chairs. I'll be refinishing our end tables and coffee tables too. There's something to be said about having a creative mind…makes having empty pockets not so bad ;). I LOVED your table re-do and I believe I'll do the same with mine. The birdhouses and vase were just darling and the chalkboard welcome sign gave me such a giggle!
    I guess I kept reading because we are going through a lot of the same things. We finally got a good renter for a small house my husband and I had when we first got together ( the renters adore it as much as we did so it will stay a rental) but this Monstrosity has to be sold and I get to ready it on my own as I'm here while he lives in an apartment (flat) three hours away where his new job is. All this to say I'm going to follow you I think because we have similar taste and lifestyles. I enjoyed reading, please keep it up


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