progress on the mud room

The guys have almost finished the mud room. The reason its not finished yet is that there are still a few minor bits and pieces we need to finish it, plus it still needs a ceiling. I’m not overly worried about the ceiling at this stage – it has a roof and its not leaking. That’s a bonus whichever way I look at it.
First, the mud room used to be a small porch. Chris and Wayne put up stud walls, we bought a window to go in one wall and they clad the external walls. Last time Chris was here they started on the interior walls. I wanted the walls lined with timber and we had a pile of tassie oak flooring so we used that. Its not all one size but I’m easy (in some things) so what I got the guys to do was randomly alternate the thin boards with the wider ones to create interest.
Over Easter the guys put some plywood down over the decking to create a level surface and I went and collected the roll of vinyl I’d found in a shop way on the other side of Hobart. This morning they put down the vinyl… I love it. Love the 50s black and white tile look. Their laying of it isn’t perfect, but it’ll do!
I had also bought some skirting boards on the way from collecting the vinyl and I had time to paint it before it was put in place. I’d never had the time to do that before. Sure makes life easier.
As I said, its far from actually finished yet, but the main stuff has been done. The mud room and toilet both have vinyl on the floors and skirting boards. Only the house ‘exterior walls’ needs a bit of skirting board to finish them and that’s my job to buy, paint and put in place. I also need to buy some trim to go around the window.
Once thats done I’ll fill gaps and paint… and then the best bit: decorating! I have such ideas for this small room. The main idea is to get all the coats and jackets and shoes (oh so many shoes) into one place in an organised fashion… well, I can dream.
The new/old front door is in place with a deadlock on it. It still needs a handle but I’ll find one I like in my travels somewhere… The door needs 2 panes of glass in it but till we get the glazier in to do that, Wayne’s put in a bit of plywood to stop the howling wind. 
Going to the toilet is so much warmer than it used to be! 
Better go and tizzy up the gourmet pizzas we bought for dinner tonight and feed the monsters. The dogs too.  

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