Its only Saturday night and the weekend already seems too short.

This morning Wayne, Merrill and I made a trip up to Fentonbury in two cars and a trailer loaded up with furniture and ‘stuff’. Tomorrow we’ll be going up again with more stuff. Its exhausting.

On the positive side, things are coming along nicely. Soon there’ll be enough stuff in the house to live there! The new/refurbished wood heater is going in this week sometime so once thats done it’ll be like home again.

Its been really fun furnishing the house with less. You know how you accumulate way more than you need and homes end up looking cluttered? Well this has been an opportunity to furnish a house and only pick and choose what I want to take up and put in the house. I’m really enjoying it.

I’ll be taking more photos to share soon as the house is looking decent. Right now there are boxes all over and unmade beds and the benchtops are full of things that need putting away. Not to mention the yard which needs a major cleaning up.

However, once the new photos are taken I’ll share them on here and update the real estate listing as well. The trees and bushes have grown immensely since I moved out over a year ago so I’d like to show what it looks like now. It was so beautiful, so peaceful, the yard so lush… I was giving in to the ol’ regrets… The ‘I wish we hadn’t bought elsewhere and stayed there’ regrets.

But what’s done is done. We love it here. And I lived in Fentonbury for 8 years – it took a long time to get it to where it is now. We’ve only been here a year. Imagine how great this place will be in 8 years!

Wayne is watching football and I’m on the computer trying to tidy things up. I have a ton of things to do but I’m tired… I’ve spent HOURS on Facebook.

You know, I never really understood the purpose of FB. Its handy, sure, and its fun to look in on friends occasionally… but I never really got it. I still can’t totally figure out how it works.

For instance, I’ve always wondered how come I never heard news on FB the way other friends seem to. I’d get calls saying ‘Did you see…?’.


Yes, I’m their friend on FB, but I didn’t see.

You know why? Cause I only just realised that you can chose who’s updates you want to appear on your timeline! How was I to know this?

I’ve got about 700 FB friends and I get reams of updates from people I don’t know from a bar of soap – except they also own/love poodles or horses or a related to me. Yeah. I have a rather big extended family. I have relatives I’ve never met…

So, I’ve spent hours tidying up my FB friends and turning off ‘show on timeline’. I’m not sure if thats the solution, but fingers crossed. Problem is I accidentally click on a name when I’m trying to switch off the updates and then I have to wade though pages of friends to find where I was.

I bet that once I go through 700 friends manually I’ll find a way to do it with one click…

Anyway, somewhere in between loading stuff into the ute and writing lists, I found time this morning to stick some upholstery tacks onto the kitchen chair. It looks great. Though naturally I didn’t buy enough tacks. I got one pack and it turns out I needed 1.5 packs.

Oh well. What’s another visit to Spotlight?

I actually love visiting Spotlight. Then again, I love so many places… hardware stores, tip shops, IKEA…

I even enjoy grocery shopping. I think its all the possibilities… When I wander around a tip shop or a hardware store I can always see the possibilities in things. ‘I can do xxx with that’ or ‘I can do xxx to this’. When I wander around Spotlight its the same. And IKEA… well, I just love that place! I feel rather deprived since they didn’t open a store in Hobart as they’d promised.

Supermarkets are also about possiblities. The possibility of food to cook, recipes to try out… new ice cream flavours…

Speaking of food possibilities, this week I got this sudden urge to revisit favourite Dutch foods. I found a recipe for klets koekjes (lace cookies) and eagerly made them.

Total disaster.

Not even the dogs will eat them.

Plus I burned them…

I’m not new to disasters though. I read the sequel to Julie & Julia a few months ago and Julie Powell raved about Ukranian banosh. So I made it.


Maybe it wasn’t the recipe. Maybe it was me. Whatever. The chickens didn’t mind it.

I got the urge to make a mashed potato dish with sauerkraut, bacon bits and pineapple. Yeah, wierd I know, but I’d had it in Holland many years ago and remembered it fondly. That worked out alright and even Wayne (who dislikes pineapple in food) admitted it was good.

Next I’ll make hutspot. Another Dutch mashed potato dish… mmmmm.

Lately I’ve also been nostalgic for greek food – stuff my mom used to make. Comfort food.

Last weekend I made halva – a semolina pudding with honey and almonds. Yum. And tonight I made kolivozoumi – a kind of porridge made with whole wheat and topped off with nuts, cinammon, sesame seeds and sultanas. YUM.

This dish is actually somewhat of a rarity even among greeks. Mom used to make it all the time, but very few greeks actually know what it is. Back when we first moved back to Greece we had an old wood heater you could cook on. Mom would make a vat of this stuff and keep it on the side of the heater so it was always warm. We could just go help ourselves – breakfast, lunch or dinner. Mmm-mm!

When I wanted to make it I asked all over for someone who could not only give me a recipe, but tell me where I could buy the wheat and what to ask for. I ended up finding a page on FB all about greek food. They didn’t have the recipe but were kind enough to find it for me.

I’m thinking I might try to cook something different once a week from now on. Not necessarily new (though that would be nice) but different – something I haven’t cooked for years maybe.

See how that goes, but if you want any recipes, just let me know and I’ll share them in a blog.


3 thoughts on “streamlining

  1. Hi Zefi.
    I was wondering if you recall about how many yards of fabric it took to complete the padding on your chairs and how many chairs you redid. I love the idea, I have 6 kitchen chairs I was thinking of doing the very thing with, and came across your post.

    Thanks so much for your help.



  2. Hi Sarah, I'm sorry, I can't help with that. I had bought this fabric as remnants – one in black and white and the other in red and white. I used the black and white remnant to do this chair and used another to do something else. I never got around to finishing the other chairs. I had 3, this one was a mess and needed changing asap, another the cushion is still original 50s patterned vinyl. The third chair needs its back fixed so I haven't done much to it. I didn't use a lot of fabric though, just enough to cover the cushioned area and fold over to pin it in place.
    Good luck!


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