DIY – the many lives of a cabinet

I love collecting old bits of furniture. The only reason I dont live in a house with narrow walkways between towers of furniture is that I am also pretty good at controlling my urge to acquire.

Not having much money helps too.

As does the occasional purging of things I dont need. I have a good relationship with the owner of an antique shop in New Norfolk and have sold a few things through her in the past.

My biggest regret is that I can’t buy all the bits and pieces I would love to have, to upcycle, renew and make over.

Actually my biggest regret is that its really not easy to find interesting old furniture at affordable prices any more.

There are days when I wish I didn’t have to work so I could spend my days making over furniture… maybe one day…

So. The title mentions a cabinet so I guess I better get on with it!

I found this little cabinet in a 2nd hand shop in New Norfolk many years ago. I liked the shape of it and needed something for the bathroom so I grabbed it.

I didn’t have to do much to it, clean it up and re-paint it to refresh it mainly. A good clean and paint inside mostly, cause it had been used in a shed and had paint stains on the shelves.

I kept the old handle though cause its interesting with the old paint chipping off.

This cabinet has been used in almost every room of the house so far. It started life in my bathroom in Fentonbury where it held cleaning products, soaps and bathmats.

It then got moved the bedroom where it was my bedside table for a while.

When we moved to Wind Dancer Farm, I put it in the guest room and kept spare blankets in it.

Now its back in Fentonbury, in the kitchen.

Yes… the skirt on the bottom is broken on one side. I didn’t want to fix it cause imperfections are part of the charm. I love my little cabinet in all its wonkiness.


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