DIY – word art

For a while now I’ve admired some of the word art I’ve seen on Pinterest. And you already know I have this thing about chipped paint, old stuff and the shabby look.

So I when I found this big old frame at a tip shop, I knew I had to have it. It was just what I needed to try out a new technique for ‘chippy’ paint I’d seen here.

This is what the frame looked like when I bought it. More or less. I’d already removed some of the mess. There had been something on canvas in the frame originally, it had been ripped off and this painting was done on the plywood backing. Hm. Interesting.

I removed the plywood and undercoated it so it wouldn’t show through the fabric. I cleaned the frame, then I used vaseline to create areas which would remain black when I spray painted it white.

I don’t usually use spray paint for my projects. For one thing its just too expensive. For another, I prefer to paint. This project called for flat white spray paint, and given that a brush would have smeared the vaseline, I had no choice.

Plus I was itching to try the technique.

While the frame was drying, I covered the plywood with some fabric I’d accidentally found on a trip at Spotlight. Uhuh. I was NOT shopping. I was just walking past and it called out at me!

I used the hot glue gun to attach the fabric to the ply, then put it back into the frame. The finished product looks fantastic!

I have taken it to Fentonbury where it now hangs above the bed in the main bedroom.

I had some fabric left over so here’s something I whipped up last night: I thought a cushion would add something to the room. I think its cute.

(Ok, so I’m not a great sewer, alright?)

Not bad for an old frame someone threw out huh?


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