DIY – louvre door wall hanging

I’m not dead, lying in a ditch somewhere being eaten by tasmanian devils. I haven’t been abducted by aliens and getting probed (cause we all know “the truth is up there”)…

I’ve just been busy. And I haven’t been very creative.

I did take photos of projects which have been finished to share so here is one of them – an old louvre door made into a wall hanging/card and letter holder.

 I found this little door somewhere in one of the tip shops somewhere along the line and held onto it. I knew I’d use it some day. It was grimy and white, which was fine, but I wanted a bit more colour on it. Like it had been painted a few times over the years.

After giving it a good clean I painted it a pale green which I had left over from another project, then did a topcoat with a creamy white. When that was dry I used the sander to distress it in places so the green showed through and even the timber in some areas.

This pic is the only ‘before’ photo I have. Sometimes I just get carried away in my eagerness to start a project and forget to actually take before pics. Here I used an old sale board as the backing. I used glue to fix it to the back of the door. I then put those little screw in eye thingies (the technical name for them) and some wire so it could be hung on the wall.

It now lives in my home in Fentonbury as wall art which has a practical use as well. I’d originally planned to put it in the actual kitchen, but this spot seemed best for it. The colours of the cabinet underneath match the louvre door.

One project down. Only a million and 5 left to go!


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