making pretty – the spare room

Time for another wander through my house. This time its the spare room. Or the purple room as its generally known.

This room was my bedroom when I first moved to Fentonbury. At the time it was painted blue with a bad white sponged on effect. At the time I was in love with the texture of suede paints so I picked the dark purple for this room.

I actually loved it as a bedroom. It was a ‘snuggly’ room. Very relaxing. I felt safe in that room.

When I bought the house this room had a horrible carpet in it. I removed that and found some old lino, some old newspapers and a great timber floor! I used a hand sander to sand back any rough spots and then sealed it with polyurethane before moving my furniture in.

The room has an open fireplace which I never used, but it was nice to just have it. The fire surround was painted but I didn’t like the colour so I repainted it white and purple to match the walls.

Yeah… I know, but at the time it really did work.

The curtains were the first curtains I ever made. I didn’t know about full length curtains being the way to go and, since I was replacing old curtains, I just made mine the same size as the old ones.

This room has had many lives. It was my bedroom, then it was a guest room, then the dog’s bedroom (yes, they even had their own TV) and an office. 

Since moving back, I’m using this as a spare room. I moved in my gorgeous old cast iron bed to use as a daybed, a small desk for my laptop and a few other items to make it cosy.

The daybed is so comfy its hard to do any work and not just curl up and spend the day reading.

An old ladder acts as a bedside table. A small clip light works perfectly as a reading lamp.

I think every single bed needs a teddy of its own.

The mantle just holds a collection of things. An old photo, some empty frames, 2 of the vases from my collection which didn’t fit in the dining room.

A gorgeous nautical box acts a bookend. I got this a couple of weeks ago at a sale. I had planned to use it in the bathroom to hold cosmetics, but it said it wanted to live in the purple room.

In the other corner is the mosaic topped old school desk which I use as my laptop table. An old suitcase holds extra blankets.

All in all, a warm and cosy room I think. One I enjoy being in.


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