DIY – the coffee table

This used to be Wayne’s coffee table. It was boring and dark brown and I never gave it much though. Not, that is, till I started thinking of it in another colour, with a different handle… hm…

As usual, no before photos. What I can offer is an ‘after the undercoat’ photo. I found that they now sell Zinsser Stain Cover in Australia. I’d read about it on many DIY blogs and was eager to try it on something. Anything that saves me having to sand is a good thing!

After I’d done a really bad undercoat I painted the table with my own chalk paint. Thats just some white paint I already had which I mixed a bit of super fine grout into. I’ve decided I just love the texture that gives to the paint. So soft and satin to the touch.

I had to give the table 3 coats of paint before I felt it was finsihed. I did one coat of pale blue on the table top, then covered it over with white. I’ve also started doing something I’d never done before in my life: giving the paint a light sand between applications. It actually makes a difference, much as I hate to admit it.

I change my mind alot. I can’t say I have any real ‘set in stone’ plans for my projects. They’re kind of more ‘go with the flow’…

Once the paint was dry I did some sanding with fine sandpaper by hand, and some with the electric sander, concentrating on the edges and spots which would normally get wear.

When the table was finished, I was ready to try another first for me – waxing. I did actually experiment with a some was on something small first, but then I went straight to it. I used a mix of antique black (translucent) wax and clear wax. I had to experiment a bit to get the result I wanted, but in the end the table looks and feels wonderful.

Lastly I put on the new antique knob I’d bought off ebay.

Of course it really doesn’t suit my living room at all. As much as I love it, the colours in the living room are just not right for the table… sigh. I’m thinking I may sell it.

Or re-paint the living room, rip up the carpet, get a new couch…

Might be easier (not to mention cheaper) to sell the table!

So now I’m going to get some well deserved rest. I’ve been moving furniture, cleaning house, washing clothes and clipping dogs all weekend. I’m pretty tired.


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