its a kangarat!

Yes, yes. I know. Its been AGES since I last posted. I don’t know how those ‘other’ bloggers do it. I just can’t blog on a regular basis when I’m working. I seem to push blogging down the list as other things pile on top.

However, I have been busy. Not as busy as I’d like given the wrist pains. For instance, this last week I haven’t done much at all.

One thing I did do was finally finish my lightbox. This is a lightbox made from a cardboard box, white paper, a tip shop sheet and a desk lamp. The desk lamp came from a garage sale a few months ago. I bought it despite the fact that it didn’t have the clamp to hold it to the desk cause I thought we could make a base for it. I asked Wayne to make a base for it on the weekend and this is what he made:

The base is made from 2 offcuts of wood from our deck extension and corregated iron strips which have been hammered flat and nailed on. Pretty cool. A bit of overkill I thought, but hey. It works!

And the proof that  it works is in the photos! This is my felt kangarat. I took these photos in my new lightbox using my simple point and click camera.

I’ve tried various felting experiments in the past. Most of them were dismal failures. Or mediocre failures at best… First is a small felt purse made with bought felt with a felted toy poodle on it.

Then there’s the throw with felted poodles playing on it. This one I think I buried in the back yard.

In fact I think this is my favourite felt project till recently. My favourite polar fleece jumper had lots of small holes on it from puppy teeth (thanks Bonnard!). I cut up pieces of felt and felted on the patches. I love the colour spots on my jumper now.

So… when I decided to have a go at a three dimensional felted animal I was diving into the deep end. I started with some pieces of a scarf I wet felted and would never wear. I cut a piece of the scarf and created a cone shape. I filled it with felted scraps, then I started felting the two tones of grey onto it to make the kangaroo colour.

The head, ears, legs, arms and tail were all made separately and felted onto the body. It was interesting, and other than impaling myself on the felting needles a few times, it was easy enough.

I decided my little kanagroo needed a jumper so I simply felted a square piece of blue, created holes for the sleeves and folded over the collar.

When I showed it to Wayne he said it looked more like a rat than a kangaroo.


I will call him a kangarat!

And I think he’s gorgeous!


3 thoughts on “its a kangarat!

  1. You are so cleaver they are terrific – I love the poodle ones – Don't know you fit so much in.
    Thank you for sharing … Lorraine


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