elmer the emu

The other night I got into the ‘zone’ again and made another felted animal. I had an emu in mind cause we’d made an emu at work with clients last year and really enjoyed it. In that instance it was a papier mache emu and we couldn’t find a way to get him to balance on his long skinny legs, then I accidentally broke a leg… so we ended up putting him in a wheelchair. It was great. How perfect is a disabled emu made by a group of people with a disability? He was exhibited at the Cosmos Art Show and sold.
This is the only photo I have of him, unfinished.
Wheelie Bird, made by Day In The Hall clients at Cosmos Inc. (website designed by me, incidentally)
But back to my emu who looks like a cross between Big Bird and Beaker.
Elmer, the emu.
 See the resemblance?
Anyway, I think he’s adorable. I made Elmer and Kangarat to enter in a competition being held in Salamanca in Hobart but now I’m not sure. It costs $15 per entry, then I have to price them for sale and drop them off and pick them up if they don’t sell. I think I’d be better off reviving my Etsy shop and selling them through there.
Then again, if I’m going to be selling items through Etsy (or ebay) I should really have a regular list of items for sale, right? And I’m too scattered to do that. 
Seriously. I have a million projects on the go at any one time and another gazillion whizzing around inside my head, bouncing around like dodgem cars.
Plus, I have a serious affliction. I’m addicted to tip shopping. I can try to resist but its futile. I give in and I’m in there, on my knees going through boxes of rusty stuff, getting my hands dirty, unearthing some small bit of something which I know will be perfect for some project I have in the back of my mind. Or seeing stuff I think would be perfect for xxx, or would look great if I just did xxx to it.
I just can’t help myself. I’m like that bug in A Bug’s Life who flies toward the light saying “I… can’t… help… it”.
Yesterday I asked Wayne to help move a cabinet which weighed as much as a small tractor into the workshop area of the casita for me. I believe it was some kind of sorting cabinet for paper in a previous life cause it has tons of small slots in which paper would fit perfectly. I think it’ll be really handy to sort my junk inventory in some sort of order. All the knobs in a box in their own slot. All the hinges in another. All the nuts and bolts in another. You get the idea.
A wise friend of mine pointed out that until I start to actually use the stuff I’m collecting to make stuff (and by that she means FINISH stuff) I’m nothing but a hoarder in training.
I have to face reality. She’s right. My desk is covered in post-it notes with To Dos. I have a notebook full of To Do lists and all I seem to do is cross off one, add 3 and reshuffle the rest.  I need to actually finish some of my projects. Then I can justify the stuff I collect…. cause I ain’t about to stop!
Perhaps letting the ideas out of my head will give me some peace as well. As it is, getting to sleep at night is really hard when I’m lying there thinking of solutions to problems I haven’t actually faced yet.

1 thought on “elmer the emu

  1. You keep it till you use it, I have just used some timber that I took to Tasmania, did not use it there so shipped it back to Adelaide and used it to make a door frame last week, was that hoarding or what.



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