am I the only one?

… who finds rusty things beautiful? 
No. I know I’m not. In fact, Wayne is a rusty fan too. Actually he has a big rusty collection. One that is now also mine in that what’s his is mine and what’s mine is mine. hehehe. Ok… what’s mine is his too, expect for my tools. My tools are my tools cause he forgets them on the lawn or borrows them and puts them away safely in a spot where neither of us can find them again.
I shouldn’t be mean about Wayne on my blog… I know his family reads this! (Hi guys! I’m joking. Mostly.)
So… I mentioned my addiction to tip shopping, did I mention that I went tip and op shopping the other day and came away with a pretty good haul of stuff for under $15? Compared to what I see on Pinterest and other blogs, we in Australia are deprived. When I hear about the stuff people in the USA buy for single figures I turn green with envy.
For instance, there are no fancy cabinets in junk stores around here. Nothing with decorative trim unless its 60s laminate stuff. Not that I’ve seen anyway, and trust me, I’ve looked. I crawl around on my hands and knees, over wardrobes, and under piles of grannies old bedding. If we want something like that we have to pay antique shop prices. And when you pay hundreds of dollars for an old piece of furniture you’re a bit reluctant to experiment on it.
Still, I did find some good stuff. I usually do. In fact, most of the time I have to restrain myself.
So, I ask again… am I the only person who gets excited about things like this?
These chandelier crystals are only plastic, not glass, but they still look good and will come in handy for something!
Love these little cupcake thingies. I really must learn what they’re called…
 Ok… old hinges. And old numbers. And old latches. And old bolts. I like ’em.
Hooks and knobs and handles and door hardware…
This isn’t a tip shop find. Its something I found in Wayne’s garage. I have no idea what it is, but its galvanised iron and its cool! Wayne said I could have it. I swear. I picture it holding useful items on the outdoor table. A bottle of water. Glasses. Napkins. Salt and pepper shakers. Or jars full of flowers…
Did I show off my new teapot? I think I’ll use this one as it is once I clean it up.
So, here’s a photo of my ‘new’ whiz bang workshop organiser. Eventually I’ll put wheels on it so I can move it easily and I’ll find/make/adapt boxes to fit into the slots as drawers. For now, I’ve started sorting things into whatever containers I had handy which fit into the shelves. I’m so excited. I can finally see my work surfaces again – I only have to pull out 4-5 boxes to find the one I need.
I will be putting labels on them.
 On another subject entirely, here are my beautiful dogs. This is Romeo being sooky.
Cause he was barking at the TV earlier and got yelled at.
Montana doesn’t care for TV. She’s a snob that way. 
Her problem is that her mom finds her too cute and kisses her which wakes her up.
I adore my babies and  love showing them off. I haven’t done enough of that lately!

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