DIY – wine anyone?

I’ve seen a lot of trays re-made and re-purposed on Pinterest and decided it was time for me to try my hand at one. Seemed like a good idea at the time.
What started like a simple idea turned into a saga of mamoth proportions.
This is what the tray looked like when I found it at… you guessed it… a tip shop.
First thing I did was paint it. And re-paint it. And sand it back a bit. I went with white, then a pale green colour. I tried crackle finish. Nothing seemed right.
I painted chalkboard paint on the base. Then re-painted it and sanded it again. That’s why it looks so messy. I wasn’t very careful with the blue/gray paint I settled on cause I’d already decided I didn’t like the chalkboard paint and was going to wallpaper the bottom of the tray.
Ok. Looking at the photos now I think I maybe should have fixed up the messy bits and stuck with it as it was. But I wasn’t happy so I kept going.

I didn’t take photos of the wallpaper idea. It was horrendous. Take my word for it. I scraped the paper off before it dried and then I had to remove the goop. Yuck. It wasn’t easy to remove and the only way to fix it was to put something else on the bottom to cover the mess.

I bought some popsicle sticks, trimmed off the round ends and glued them to the bottom of the tray. I sanded them smooth, gave them a coat of polyurethane, a light sand and another coat of poly, at it was done.

I actually liked it. Here it is drying.

But thing is I wanted to put feet on it. I’d seen a gorgeous tray with cabinet knobs as feet. I found some knobs I thought would work. Nope. They looked awful.

By this time the tray had become a thorn in my side. Till last night. As I tossed and turned I suddenly came up with an idea!


So now, my tray is a wine tray!


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