DIY – peg bag

Showing off my cute little peg bag. On our old Hills Hoist – the very symbol of Australian back yards. I love Hills Hoists. The original old style ones like this.
You know what its like – you can buy peg bags but none of them have real character.  And really, I’d never had peg bag. I never used them. I’m the sort who pegs clothes out, then removes them and just puts the pegs back on the line. To me its easy: you find free space on the line to peg up larger items, use the densely peg-populated areas for things like socks and undies.. easy and no extra work.
But then you move in with a man who can’t/won’t move pegs and simply puts sheets on the line over existing pegs. hmmm.
He was obviously raised by a mother who pegged out clothes and collected pegs when she collected dry washing off the line. My mother treats her pegs with a certain amount of disrespect.
I like my way better. Its the lazy way. However its the little compromises which make relationships work. (heheh)
Having found I needed a peg bag, I decided I needed one that suited my style. A friend of ours has one of her own baby dresses made into a peg bag. Its gorgeous, frilly, and antique (no comment on her age! my own dresses would qualify as antiques as well!).
I went looking in tip shops for a pretty frilly dress to make my peg bag. I couldn’t find anything that appealed to me. 
Till I saw these little overalls. They were just so cute! I simply stitched up the bottom straight across. Then I stitched the top of the straps onto the hanger so it wouldn’t fall off. I used a plastic coated hanger so it wouldn’t rust and ruin the overalls. Lastly I bend the hanger top so it wouldn’t blow off in the wind.
Voila. Pretty peg bag.

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