get well soon wayne

Sometimes our clients are so sweet. This is a get well card one of them made for Wayne last week. She was very concerned when he wasn’t at work. Love the ‘sore’ spots all over him.

I gotta tell you, this having to do it all on my own really sucks. Luckily we have the week off or I think I’d be going crazy.

In the morning I have to stoke the fire, feed the horses, remove rugs if its going to be warm enough or sunny. Feed the chickens and ducks (in 4 separate areas since we’ve had to segregate), collect eggs. Then cook breakfast. Then groom dogs if there are any to groom that day, do any washing or tidying that needs doing. Run errands that need doing… I have to bring up more firewood for the day and keep an eye on the fire to make sure it doesn’t go out. I have dishes to wash, including the 5 cups Wayne used to have coffee during the day). I have to cook dinner, feed the dogs, feed the horses, lock up the free range chickens, rug horses if they’ve been unrugged. Then in my spare time I catch up with emails and might get time to work on some of my projects.

As I said, this having to do it all on my own sucks.

Yesterday I went to get chaff on my own. Have you any idea how heavy those big bags are? I had to lever and grunt them up into the ute, almost broke my back doing it. I think I dislocated a thumb as well… Luckily for me my timing was great – I arrived home at the same time as Phil (he’s been chopping wood up the back of our property) was leaving so I did the helpless female act and got him to move the bags into the horse feed room for me. 

I had to buy hay and horse pellets. I used my brain instead of my muscles for that one – I called a friend and asked him to deliver it for us. I dread having to buy another bucket of molasses…

I tried to chop wood for the fire yesterday. I selected a nice piece with a big crack in the middle. All it needed was a well-aimed wack and it would split in two like a watermelon.

I hit that sucker 5 times, in a different spot each time!

The last time I hit it I wedged the axe. Unbelievable.

I’ve been shown how to chop wood. At least how to split wood that’s already got some kind of weak spots. But I’ve always used a block buster and for the most part I managed. Wayne somehow ‘misplaced’ my block buster however so I had to use the axe.

Never again.

I can’t wait for Wayne to get better.


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