work is giving me a headache

Work will be the death of me
Its been a quiet weekend at Lake Wobegon Wind Dancer Farm. We just haven’t had the energy or the time to get up to much. Sometimes just day to day living takes all you have to give.
I’ve dedicated quite a bit of my time this last week to thinking about things… adding to my to do list and not so much crossing things off but re-arranging them! You know, the way council workers do to potholes. Just when you think you’ve memorized them they go moving them on you.
Well, such is my To Do List. Every so often I go through it and re-organise the categories. In fact, I do that with my Pinterest boards also. Keeps me on my toes.

Last weekend when Wayne’s friend Chris was visiting my To Do list was the subject of much amusement. I’d forgotten to hide it (like a secret diary). I use the coffee table in the living room as a crafting table where I work while I watch TV and had it sitting there… in the open… at the mercy of any and all prying eyes.

Oh the embrassament. 304 things to do ‘today’.


Having to work is just ruining my life. If I didn’t have to work 4 days a week at a job, then groom dogs on my ‘days off’ I could dedicate more time to my art, my design jobs and my hobby projects. Wouldn’t that be the life?

Note to self: buy a lottery ticket.

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