shabby coat racks

In my travels, I’ve come across lots of odds and ends in grimy boxes in the back of junk shops. One item I seem to find lots of is the humble towel rail holder ‘cup’. I looked at these cuties and thought “I can do something with them.”
So I began collecting them. I ended up with quite a few in different sizes.
I looked in the pile of old timber in our paddock and found this beauty. An old door or window frame, white paint cracked and chipping, holes where nails once were. In short: in pretty bad shape.
Just the way I like it.
I gave it a good clean, scraped off any peeling paint. I cut the piece of wood in half and sorted out the hardware. The smaller piece of wood got 3 rail holders, the bigger one got four. I attached them to the timber using screws.
I had some big beads and some marbles. I had to find the right size to fit inside the cup without disappearing (I lost one marble, never to be retreived again…).
I used liquid nails (turns out I would have been better to use clear silicone but I didn’t think of it at the time). I filled the cups with the liquid nails and sat the bead/marble in it. Then let it dry.
Here’s a closeup. The liquid nails kind of overflowed as I set the marbles in so when it was tacky I scraped the excess off with my fingernail.
I used the red marbles on the one rack, the white beads on the other. Basically the size of the actual cup dictated what I could put in it – some were too small, others were too big for the beads or marble. I guess if I’d bought new ones they would have matched!
Lastly I drilled holes in either end where the coat racks would be attached to a wall with screws. In order to hang and show them off I used some red and white baker’s twine on the red marble coat rack.
Since the bottom of the timber was black and chipped, I painted the sides (especially the freshly cut sides) black using a bit of vaseline to create the chippy look.
Finally, some photos of the white bead coat rack. This one I hung with some baker’s twine I made myself using some white nylon twine and some blue hay bale twine. I’m nothing if not inventive.
I tried it out as a coat rack – hanging a jean jacket on it…
And with a towel. I think I prefer it as a towel rail in the bathroom.
Kinda cute huh? If you like old paint, cracks, chips and old nail holes. Which I do. I like things with character. And history. These bits of wood have all come out of the old house on our property and have been sitting in sheds and wood piles for many years.


This project has been entered into a link party at Funky Junk Interiors.

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