wirey wedgetail

Wayne is a whiz when it comes to wire. When he was off from work cause of his ribs he got really bored and made this little guy. He’s a wedge tailed eagle. We have wedgies living not far from us in the hills but they’re not seen often down this far.

I once saw a couple of wedge tailed eagles on the way to Ledgerwood in the north of Tasmania. They were huge! They were eating some roadkill by the road as I drove past and I swear, they looked into the car window as they sat there. When I pulled up to take a photo of them, they flew away. Magnificent birds.

Anyway, this little fellow needed a perch and a nest. So Wayne made him one.

I hot blued the wedgie and nest to a broken bit of wood and added a couple of marbles as eggs.

Kinda cute huh?


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