the shoe has dropped

Its better to think of bad luck as two shoes dropping than ‘trouble comes in threes’…

Then again maybe it has come in threes. And thats not counting Wayne’s broken rib episode but other, unrelated incidents of bad luck/bad timing.

Its three is if we start our count on Sunday when we went out to feed the horses and Dancer had blood running down the front of her head. We couldn’t get a good look at it, but it looked for all the world like a small hole in her forehead, just above one eye. Like a bullet hole.

Dancer has come a LONG way since we got her. She was headshy and scared and would kick soon as look at you. She’s become the sweetest thing on earth. In fact I love rugging and unrugging her more than any of the others, thats how sweet she is. Now, after trying to see her wound and holding her back she’s gone back to being head shy and moving off if we go anywhere near her front. sigh.

My theory is that maybe someone was shooting wallabies and shot in the direction of our paddock, the bullet hitting her with just enough force to make a hole but not penetrate the skull. I dont know. If I could get a good look at it I’d know.

On the positive side, it looks like its healing well despite our poor efforts to clean and treat it.

So that was No. 1.

No. 2 is that the baffle plate fell in the wood heater again. It has happened before but Wayne managed to fix it. Now, when we are at our coldest, its decided to fall and make our heater almost unusable. Its totally stuffed. Terrific timing.

We’d had the heater going for at least 2 weeks constantly before this, when temperatures were 16 during the day and you could argue that we didn’t need the heater burning. But its easier to keep it going and warm than to start from scratch every afternoon. It could have fallen then. We’d have been able to remove it and fix the heater without freezing our tits off.

As it is, Wayne has managed to get it back up for now and will cut a new baffle for it over the weekend. But we need a serious overhaul on this heater. What we really need is a new heater. This one is stuffed.

And then we come to No. 3.

Yesterday morning I go out to start up the car and there’s no clutch. Nothing. Its got the resistance of a sheet of toilet paper.

And the ute is packed with a bookcase and some louvre doors I got at a tip shop. We left it loaded in the garage cause it was dark when we got home the night before.

Wonderful. So we have a loaded ute we need to unload before we can go anywhere.

We’re picking up some mysterious sounding parts for my car this afternoon (something about a slave and master..) and the mechanic will be fixing it over the weekend. I hope.

Thank goodness we have the ute.

We also have ‘blue’ an old Nissan 4×4 (red of course) which is unroadworthy and totally untrustworthy but which Wayne likes to hold onto cause of its ability to climb up our hill and go where no man has been before.

Our place looks like a real farm (and slightly trashy) when there are 3 or more cars parked outside the house, but at times like this its good to have a second car which actually works.

So. Here’s hoping this run of bad luck has reached its end.

We really could do with some good luck right about now.

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