my home doesn’t look like that

I see the most beautiful houses on the blogs I follow. I pin images of rooms I admire and wish I could recreate in our home. The ideal kitchen, the perfect bedroom, the gorgeous living room, the pretty and fun bathroom…
But that’s not what my house looks like.
Yeah, I have quite a few pretty items in my home. Lots of things which are special to me cause they are items I’ve found in unlikely places, items I’ve saved, restored or made myself. Like the tins holding my brushes and pencils. Or the old tea crate holding my paints and the old nail crates holding my canvases which I found at a farm auction.
What I don’t have is a perfect home. My house is a mish mash of things which I like, things I had already, things I’ve been given or inherited, that don’t match. 
I have spots of “pretty” and corners of “attractive”, but no cohesiveness, no overall theme or feel to my home. Even the nice spots aren’t perfect to photograph cause “yucky” isn’t far away: the salmon carpet or peach blinds or blue benchtops or something is always in the way.
I think I was getting there in my home in Fentonbury, finally getting the place to tie in together and flow from one room to another, but it took years to get it to that stage where things just fit together. The house on the farm remains a mess. The salmon carpet is a thorn in my side. And we have too much furniture which doesn’t really fit or suit in the rest of the house.
I’d like a bedroom with open space and simple lines. I’d like a walk in wardrobe in the tiny room next door to the bedroom. I’d like a pretty guest room with simple yet elegant items. I’d like a bathroom I didn’t cringe about when showing people the house. I’d like a kitchen with character.
I admire photos like this bedroom for its simplicity, or this living room for its low key elegance… but there is no way I can have a house of white on white as much as I would love it. No french provincial for me. I live with 4 dogs (and Wayne) on a farm with lots of mud.
I put black and white tile vinyl in the mudroom and I’m already sorry. 
And that’s not even talking about the kitchen. I would love a big country kitchen like this, but there’s not enough room for an island bench, let alone an island and a table. So I’ll have to make do with what I have and hopefully achieve something more like this or this. One day. When I have the time and money…
Till then, my kitchen is a mess. Blue laminex benchtop. White laminate cupboards. A laminate tile backsplash. Boring. No character. Bordering on ugly. A single sink. No dishwasher. Tons of cupboard space but not much area to display things I like…
I’m itching to change things around. To do up the kitchen, to make my walk-in-wardrobe, to redo the guest room… to repaint the entire living room a pale grey or creamy white… The living room was meant to be pale grey but when the paint went on the walls it looked light blue. 
One day. I pray for patience, and I want it now.

We had the horse’s hooves done today. Wally was a total pain to do. He’s still playing up really badly with one of his back legs. We had the chiropractor fix him but he’s still horrible about it. It got done in the end but I think Simon (the farrier) and Wayne had a few years knocked off their time on earth.

Dancer was great – she was extremely hard to catch due to her shyness over her head, but a few carrots and she was soon almost back to normal. Thank goodness.

Ben was a sweetie as always, till he nipped Kellie in the tit.

He thought it was a nice soft spot to nibble. Hm…

We also have a visitor here tonight. When Kellie and I went into the New Norfolk to buy something for desert we saw a gorgeous black and white english staffie, an intact male with a collar on, walking on the bridge with a group of motley teenagers. He crossed the road and almost got hit by two cars and the kids didn’t seem to care.

When I stopped the car and abused them for having their dog offlead, they said he just followed them and he wasn’t theirs. I said they should take him back where they found him and they said ‘We ain’t walking back up there’. I was so angry. Kellie and I got him in the car and after shopping we got in touch with the council animal control officer. He’ll be over to pick him up in the morning and hopefully find his owners.

He’s the sweetest thing. He’s bedded down in the grooming room for the night, food and water and he’s just gone to sleep.

I swear. No way could I leave him wandering the street with these idiotic kids. And being an intact male I didn’t want him to end up in the wrong hands.

The council really should put me on their payroll.


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