photo wheel

I haven’t been inspired to get out and make stuff lately. I mean, I’ve gone to the workshop and looked around and did a tiny bit here or there, but somehow nothing seems to click. I always have a ton of ideas when I’m at work or lying in bed trying to get to sleep. But come the light of a day when I’m at home and can actually take out a drill or the circular saw, even looking at my list can’t shove me into gear.

Its sad. At least I’ve had a more or less restful weekend.

However, I did manage to do a few smaller things lately – while watching TV in the evening. I love multitasking, don’t you? Here is one such small project.

While looking for some old barn wood in the area around the stable, I came across this round, greasy, red metal object. 
I have no idea what it is, other than its most likely part of some tractor the previous owner used to keep in the old shed. This is what it looked like when I found it in the dirt.
I picked it up and gave it a good wash with dishwashing liquid to get rid of the grease and I was happy with how it came up. Clean but not pristine looking. There was a bit of rust on it, but as you may have noticed, I quite like rust.
I decided to make it into a display item. Or a paperweight. I’m not entirely sure what it is. However, it is now a photo display as well as whatever else it wants to be.
I found some photos of myself and Wayne from our first year on the farm. I put them together in a strip using Photoshop. I then reduced the saturation till the image was almost black and white.
Since I wanted it to look old and discoloured, I went to town on it with some tea and coffee grounds,.
I think I overdid the distressing…
 As an afterthought, I found a metal thingy with a point on it amongst my stuff and put the ‘wheel’ on top of it. That way you can spin it around to see the photos.
I know I keep showing the same side of the wheel, but its a photo of me and Billybear, my toy poodle who died a few months after we moved here. I miss my little boy.

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