do i look like my dog?

We all know how dogs and owners look like eachother, right? Well, so they SAY.

For instance, everyone thinks Winston Churchill had a british bulldog cause he looks like a british bulldog – but in fact he had a poodle!

So, its obviously not true… But there are plenty of people who look like, or have similar characteristics as their dogs.

I always thought it was bull when it came to me and my poodles. We couldn’t be more different! They’re gorgeous, graceful, elegant, sleek, slim, fit, athletic creatures.

I’m not.

They’re high maintenance with their trims. I put off getting my hair done even though I’ve found a bargain basement hairdresser who will cut my hair sitting outside her caravan.

But apparently I’ve been approaching this similarity thing the wrong way entirely.

This morning the subject of dogs and owners came up. Wayne believes its true. He said he could see it with his dogs. Barney is a doofus. Ok. He’s not the prettiest dog around, yeah, he’d accept that too. Mischa has big stomach bones… yep. And both will bowl you over for hugs and affection. (When you scratch Wayne behind his ear he’ll even kick his back leg!)

My dogs? Well… they’re creatures of their own comfort, they listen to no one, they want things their own way and they rule the place. Plus they bark at everything, even when its clearly none of their business.


I’m not sure I’m liking where this is going…


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