kangarat has gone to a new home!

Kangarat sold at the exhibition/competition! Apparenlty he’s gone to a good home, which is good, and I get $55 which is great!

Elmer the Emu is coming back home. He feels a bit down at the moment but apparently people did like him.

Other than that, nothing much new to report. Its been cold. Its been wet. The yard feels like a soggy sponge when you walk on it. We have muddy rivulets running through our paddocks in places. I’m sure the dam is leaking.

We desperately need a drainage expert to come and fix our problem. Know anyone willing to work for food?

Anyway, we took Ben up to a friend’s house in Westerway yesterday. We hired a float from Dumb and Dumber (yep. It was a real experience) and took it home. You should have seen Wally’s face. He was so excited. The last two times a float pulled up at our house a new playmate stepped out.

He was disappointed this time. Not only was there no new playmate, but we actually took one away!

So we loaded up Ben. He walked in beautifully. Then promptly turned around to hang his  head out the back!

I blame the others. Wally and Dancer were thumping around the paddock flat out, whinnying in distress “BEN! Come back! Don’t leave us! We didn’t mean it!”

Which only set Ben off into a lather. We were worried he’d jump out! We had to holding him back, open the ramp and jump out of the way as he lept out.

So, I ran up and shut the gate so Dancer and Wally couldn’t run down the paddock along side the driveway. I then drove the ute and float down to our gate and Wayne led Ben down, further from the pitiful crying of his paddock-mates. We walked him back in, did the gate up in record time and drove off before Ben could try anything stupid.

He travelled well and I did well too considering I’ve never towed a float before.

A few locals would disagree with that as they got stuck behind me on the narrow winding road doing 60klm per hour…

Ben is now staying with Sharon and she and her son Christian will be working with him on a daily basis. They have a brand new round yard which they made so they could work with Ben (and other horses in the future). I’m so excited.

I’ve been so wanting to start riding again. Just walking around on our own land or up the dirt road. Just enjoying the fresh air and being outside on a horse.

I’ve been so down about Wayne’s fall that I didn’t think we’d ever ride. I asked him, “Will we ever ride again?”

Wayne said, “Sure we will. Elevators. Escalators….”



1 thought on “kangarat has gone to a new home!

  1. LOL Better a horse and a short drop to the ground than an elevator and a fast, long one in my opinion!

    Congrats on the Kangarat sale. So sorry for Elmer's rejection and dejection. Put him on etsy. He's adorable. Someone in another part of the world will love him.


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