retro look tins

While ‘indulging’ myself I managed to take some photos of some stuff I finished and haven’t had a chance to share. First is this retro tin project.
A while ago I saw an image on Pinterest which I just loved.  It was a collection of tin cans with vintage evaporated milk labels on them used for storage. I just loved it.
I had tin cans. Doesn’t everyone? I searched online but couldn’t find any evaporated milk labels I could print out. I did find some jam and vegetable labels…
I resized the images in Photoshop so they would fit on the tins, cut them and used craft glue to glue them on.

They needed wire handles to hang them with, so I asked Wayne to help. I was going to make something simple but Wayne is a bit fancier than I am. He made me these handles.

I drilled the holes for him before gluing the paper onto the tins.

I used a strip of pine left over from my kitchen table make-over for the tins to hang off. I didn’t have any huge nail-like spikes like in the image, but I did have 5 matching hooks – though they weren’t all the same colour. I liked that. A bit more interesting.

The timber strip is fixed to the door with a screw on each end (its not meant to hold great weight so that’s enough).

The finished product is great. I’ve used it to hold my drawing supplies – pencils, water colour brushes etc.
I have been using the old door on our timber shed as my ‘hanging place’ when photographing things for the blog. Its the perfect setting – an old door with peeling paint. Gorgeous.
Not too bad I think.
I wish I had more room in our house. I’d love one of these in the kitchen to hold the smaller utensils. But there’s no room. sigh…

PS: These tins are now for sale in my etsy shop and they’ve been featured in 2 Treasuries so far. I’ve also entered them in the Knick of Time’s Tuesday Vintage Style Link Party. Go check it out.

6 thoughts on “retro look tins

  1. These are adorable! I hope you'll come by and share them on Tuesday morning at the Knick of Time Tuesday Vintage Style Party!

    Angie @ Knick of Time


  2. I'm featuring you this week, Zefi! I hope you'll drop in and share again – there will be an “I Was Featured” button waiting there for you!



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