incredibly hard to photograph


Have you ever tried to photograph a suncatcher? Let me tell you, its not easy. You have to find a background which allows the crystals or beads to show up, allows you to see detail, the right light to show off the sparkle… plus they have to be hanging up.

I tried photographing them flat in the lightbox. Nope. They just don’t look right lying flat. I tried photographing them against one of our timber walls, that was too distracting.

Finally, I climbed up onto a chair, put a nail in the deck frame and hung a hook from it.

I now have somewhere to hang stuff to photograph. I hung the suncatcher there. It worked better than the previous options. The sky and trees on the distant hill are a nice backdrop.

So here is the first of the suncatchers.

This suncatcher was made by Wayne, he bent the wires to make the intricate shapes. I then added the glass beads to make it sparkle. These are wire wrapped beads, all in different colours.

Wayne really is good with wire and metal. I did a little wire work today and punched a small hole in my finger. Fun.

The photos really don’t do it justice but they’re better than my previous attempts!


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