my new esty shop

If you’ve read my last blog (or two) you already know I’ve been busy setting up an Esty shop. Its been interesting….

For instance, it took me days to set the shop up, then hours to list the first items. I hope I’ll get better at this as time goes by. My aim is to write descriptions that are interesting and fun to read, not just a boring list of materials and measurements.

Something that shows the character of the piece I’m listing, and the character of the people who made it.

Its hard to make things to sell. I’ve never been good at it. I’ve always made things for myself, for my home or for friends.

I’m the type of person who would rather give something away than sell it. I’ve built up enough good karma in my life to not come back as a bug in my next life.

But reality is that karma doesn’t put food in the horse feeders, so I have to be practical and actually exchange items for money most of the time.

(Not all the time! That takes the fun out of it!)

I would love to keep all the stuff I make. I love making things out of discarded bits and pieces.

I love every piece of junk I use to make something. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have risked tetanus and broken nails going through boxes of rusty screws in junk shops.

So, when I make something, its made from a collection of items I’ve hand picked cause they spoke to me.

I have acute hearing, and perhaps an ear-brain translation problem, but when I’m rifling through a drawer of rusty nuts and broken hardware, I’ll hear a little voice saying ‘Me! Take me!’ and I’ll look and find an interesting hook or a rusty hinge with my name on it.

Speaking of my name on it… The other day I was at a tip shop and I saw something that spoke to me. It was most likely the bottom of an old cupboard. It had a drawer in it, cracks in the side and no top. Most people would see junk.

To me it glowed in a white light, an aura of potential emmanating from it like smog.

I got the guy to put my name on it so I could go back and get it later in the day.

I have plans for that bit of rubbish. Mud room or porch, new top, coat of paint and some glue on the cracks…

I’m gonna need a bigger boat…

There is only so much room in this house. And its already got too much stuff in it as it is.

Something has to give. Things that don’t fit or don’t suit have to go.

Thus the shop.

So please visit the shop and have a look. Its pretty sparse right now but I’ll be adding things as often as I can till I have a respectable inventory in there.

Perhaps I’ll even learn how to use Etsy properly!

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