glitter, sparkle and rust

Ever since I saw this photo on Pinterest I’ve been hanging out to make something similar.
I had to find the ‘hanger’ for it, then I had to find the right stuff to hang off it. The photo on Pinterest didn’t lead to any kind of blog with more photos so I was on my own.
I had a couple of these old timber hand sanders (you staple sandpaper to them and use them like a belt sander only without the benefit of electricity, just elbow grease.
I hadn’t decided what to make out of the sanders, but I did think they’d make a good hanger for the ‘dangle’.
Really, what would you call it? Its not a suncatcher. The crystals do catch the sun, but the rust doesn’t… Its not a wind chime, it doesn’t chime at all. It might thunk and clunk but musical it ain’t.
One of the small hardware stores I liked to visit now and then was closing down so I bought a few meters of silver chain. I’d never seen this type of chain before – I’d seen chunkier chains or those horrible toilet chains, but never this type.
I did find it in another hardware store the week after buying mine, it was in a packet not by the meter, and it was called ‘watch-makers’ chain.
Or something like that. It had something to do with watches anyway…
I looked through my boxes in my workshop and picked out items I wanted to hang on my ‘dangle’.
I had a beautiful sugar spoon. Some springs. Some rusty washers. Some crystals.
An old house number. Some barbed wire Wayne had made into pendants of sorts (if you don’t mind being spiked by your jewelry).
An old bolt. A little pie tin or metal cupcake pan. A broken watch. Some keys. Some beads. A rusty coat hanger I found in the paddock which I bent into a heart.
I put eye hooks onto the bottom of the sander. I cut the chain into varying lengths and used pliers to open links to join it to the eyes and to the objects. Some objects I used large jump rings I’d taken off some cheap necklaces.
I’ve hung it on the deck from the hook I put up last weekend to photograph the suncatchers.
Eventually I’ll move it to the other side of the deck to catch the morning sun. For now I love seeing it when I come home.
Old and new. Silver and rust. A mix of glitter, sparkle and rust.
I’ve started collecting more objects to make another one for my etsy shop.
I spent hours the other day opening an Etsy shop and listing items. Took me about 4 hours to list 3 items. I better get better at this!

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