blue crystals, chains and rust

There’s something about the combination of rust and sparkle that just does it for me. And lace and burlap, but that’s another story entirely.
When I found the first hand sander at a tip shop some time ago I bought it cause I just loved the smoothness and softness of the wood where it had been worn smooth by use. I had no idea what I’d do with it.
In fact if it didn’t still have sandpaper stapled to it, I wouldn’t have had a clue what it was.
Then I found another. And another. It was like once I’d seen one, I was seeing them everywhere. 
Like cars. Have you ever noticed that you can go through life quite happily not having a clue what a Holden Astra looks like, but then you see one and suddenly they’re everywhere?
That’s how it works with wooden hand sanders too. Once your eyes are open to them, they’re everywhere. And I’m buying them. I can only hope I find more. I have more ideas of what to use them for.
An image on Pinterest of a collection of clunky rusty objects on chains gave me the idea that this sander would be ideal to hang a random collection of objects from.
The first one I made I already had a few items in my miscellanous box which were just waiting for the right project. This time around I actually had to scavenge to find the right items.
I went through my miscellaneous box, I went through my collection of spoons, I even went through the bottom of Wayne’s tool boxes. I got some goodies there, but unfortunately Wayne saw me and confiscated them.
Oh well. Easy come, easy go.
Still, I had a few interesting things in my pile. A couple of old hinges. An old spoon. Some rusty nuts, bolts and washers. One of my collection of metal cup cake tins. Lots and lots of rusty wire in shapes made by Wayne. Beads. Crystals.
This is one reason I just hate it that tip shops are closing. The one in New Norfolk is gone. Another is soon to close. You can’t get the same amount of rusty junk in op shops. 
At a tip shop you often find boxes full of crap, just begging for me to go through them. Which I do, carefully sifting through all the rusty hardware and finding a bent hinge, a crooked hook, a broken doorknob.
I just love that stuff.
I’m wierd.
However, there’s no arguing that a collection of junk and sparkle like this looks pretty amazing.

This particular suncatcher has chains and silver beads from a broken necklace, strands of watchmakers chain and a blue crystal with aurora borealis finish which makes it reflect colours in the sun.
I apologise for the overload of photos… I couldn’t make up my mind which ones to use, so I just used them all! 🙂

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