welcome stars

I’m finally starting to feel more like myself. There’s still a whole lot of coughing, spluttering, sneezing and wheezing going on, but all in all – I’m feeling better. Thank goodness. This not being able to do stuff (create) has been killing me. 
Last night I finished a couple of projects that only needed tweaking (and got Wayne to tweak a couple more).
The welcome sign is one of them. This had been on the hallway wall for a couple of weeks and all it needed was to be photographed outside where the walls weren’t the same colour as the paint on the timber. How did I do that? I started with flat white paint, added a touch of this and a drop of that and mixed up a colour that looks almost exactly the same as the colour on my walls!
Anyway, this project only needed photographing so here goes.
The timber piece is one that came off the old stable. I gave it a brush of pale blue/grey paint and then hand painted the word on it. I printed the word out, rubbed the back of the paper with charcoal and traced the letters, then painted them. I’ve found that doing it by hand beats any kind of transfer method I’ve tried. Using a thin brush and some acrylic paint I can give the letters the worn look I want by using more or less paint in areas.
I then took some sticks from under one of our gum trees and made stars using thin silver wire for the joins.
I added a few beads to the bottom of each star for a bit of bling. You can’t see the beads as well in the photos as you can in real life which is a pity.
All in all, I think it came up rather nice. When I see it near the door it makes me smile.

 Now on to other stuff!


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